Part 1.6

 “Go on, Joe, let me have a puff!” I attempted to grab the cigarette from his hand, but he dodged me.
“Wait, Aaron, I haven't had my third go yet.”
“Hey, someone's coming!” I yelled, noticing an approaching figure.. “Get rid of it! Quickly!”
Joe dropped the cigarette and we scampered off to class, unwittingly leaving it to smoulder quietly in the bushes.
The fire alarm went off as we were sitting in science class.  Someone at the window shouted, “Look, the bicycle shed!” causing the whole class to leap up as one and  rush to the window, while Mr Spithlewait tried in vain to restore order and arrange an evacuation.  Joe looked at me, then at the blazing inferno, which fortunately for the school, was quickly isolated and put out with the help of the fire brigade.
We never found out who had seen us smoking, but somebody did rat on us, because the next day we were summoned to the head’s office.  We headed, hangdog towards the receptionist’s desk. 
“He’s waiting for you,” she said with a stern voice.  “Go straight in.”
Joe opened the door.  Headmaster Jones was sitting behind a large mahogany desk; the walls at either side of it were lined with books.  I looked at the collection with wonder – I’d not been in the office before.  Joe however, stared at his feet, knowing, I guess from experience, what was coming.
“Joseph Albright.  And I see this time you’ve roped young Aaron into your unfortunate schemes.”
Joe was about to reply when the headmaster raised his voice.  “No.  I’m not listening to you anymore.  No more excuses.  This is your final warning.  If I see you one more time in this office, you will be expelled.  Do you understand?”
Joe nodded glumly.
“And as for you,Aaron. Your father will not be very pleased with this, will he?”  I shook my head.  My father and the headmaster were close friends.
Mr Jones stood up from his desk and walked around it slowly, looking sternly at us.  “No, he most certainly won’t.” He then stepped towards a tall cupboard, opened the door, and took out a long, black leather cane... “No.  These things need to be nipped in the bud.” He stood in front of us, flexing the cane with a wicked flourish. 
“Joe, you two have already met, but Aaron, I’d like to introduce you to Hermes.  He was the messenger of the gods, did you know? No?  Oh well, it matters not.
Now, who would like to go first?”

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