Part 1.16

The train pulled away from Stokesby station, meandering through grasslands mottled with dopey-eyed sheep. We had about an hour to go before reaching Paddington, after which would come a further three-hour train journey to Bristol, so I decided to settle down with a book.
"You're not seriously going to read the whole time?" Joe asked, scowling.
"And why not?"
"Because, old man, I am terribly bored and we need some female company."
"Joe, you go ahead. I'm not in the mood." Molly’s farewell tears were still vivid in my mind.
"You never are,” he replied, “but that's why I'm here." Joe snatched the book from my hands and darted out of the compartment.
I leaped up after him shouting, "Hey!", but he was already running and whooping, half way down the corridor.