Prologue 8

Dearest Mother

We have arrived and are now finally settled, full of excitement and anticipation at the adventure that awaits. The apartment is just half a mile away from the university, on a lively road. It is very cheap but needed a desperate clean; Joe and I slaved away for 2 hours before it began to look remotely habitable. How you must be laughing at the thought of Joe and me on our knees like a pair of common scrub women. We then went shopping for some food and had scrambled eggs and baked beans for tea. Unfortunately Joe cannot cook either so we will have to learn quickly. We'll be fine, so don't go fretting now!

It has been a long day so I think I'll retire. Tomorrow we enrol and classes start on Monday.

Give my fondest love to Father, and Mary if you happen to see her - tell her I'll write soon.

Yours, truly.