Epilogue 42

I have found a new joy in my regular interactions with Anne, and I exist for nothing else - not that there really is much else. I have become quite adept at moving things around and have even found myself to be stronger than when I was alive. I see her whenever I can, sometimes to the point of excess, I suppose, but where is the harm in that? For some reason Liesel cannot see me like the first time. I don’t understand that. Maybe I don’t want her to? I am jealous of my times with Anne. It is as if I am being given the chance to recapture the time I lost with my children because of my foolish mistakes.

I wonder why it is that I can see and touch, but can’t hear, speak or taste. It seems an odd limitation to place on inter-dimensional interaction. I am determined to speak to my dear Anne.

There is a dark cloud however, a new sensation around me, in me, intangible yet there, lurking with a dark malevolence. I experienced something like it once before at the cemetery. This is not as strong, but it seems to follow me, and grows steadily stronger.

It makes me afraid.