Epilogue 37

It has, rather surprisingly, taken me a long time to recover my composure. I don't know why that is. You would have thought that this breakthrough would be just what I wanted, something to celebrate. However, it caught me by surprise, much like you might feel if you were spotted with your pants down, an intruder, a dark voyeur with no business in the land of the living.

But what else is there to do? Am I to spend my days in sad solitude staring at soundless waves and dreaming of happier times? No, this is my family, and if whatever Fate does not like it, they can darn well move me on to some other place.

I didn't like it however that Liesel screamed. I wonder what I looked like to her, whether something like my old self, or some horrible, decayed ghoul? I also wonder why just at that moment I was visible to them, whether the strong emotional connection enabled that, or whether it was something I could turn on or off at will.

So many questions again, and no Amy to help me lighten up.