Epilogue 35

Her name I found out was Anne. It was written on the door of her little room amidst a wreath of flowers and teddy bears. She lay sleeping peacefully under soft covers, her thumb buried comfortingly inside her mouth. Above her a mobile dangled sparkly planets and comets, twisting slowly in some invisible draft.

I willed myself through the wall to where Liesel and Tony lay sleeping, entwined in each other’s arms. I had misjudged Tony the Accountant. He was a fine man and husband, and Liesel had clearly found happiness in him.

Then I noticed a small movement at the foot of their bed, a cat, a familiar though different figure, was breathing gently as it lay curled in a ball. Could it really be Harry? I drew closer, noticing the absence of his stomach. Liesel was clearly looking after him properly.

Suddenly his eyes opened he started and jumped up, letting out a low, menacing growl, the hair on hid back bristling. I realised he could sense me!

Liesel stirred and sat up sleepily.

“What is it, Harry?”

Then she stiffened, looked straight at me, and screamed.

I fled from the scene, knocking over a vase, sending it crashing to the floor.