Epilogue 22

He looked at her angrily. "What the fuck are those?"

Cowering, she replied, "Just a little something I bought."

"Just a little something I bought," he repeated mockingly. She could see the menace in his eyes. "Where did you get the money?"

"I saved it."

"Saved it?"

"Yes", she replied.

"You been keeping money from me? You earn little enough as it is!"

"No, Kyle. You know I'd never do that.

He grabbed her arm roughly, causing her to whimper. "I hope you you're not fucking with me. You know what I do with people who fuck with me!"

"Kyle, I'm not lying," she pleaded.

"You're pathetic," he spat, throwing her to he ground and storming out of the room. She lay on the floor weeping quietly, clutching the two little pigs to her breast.