Epilogue 18

I decided after much thought to mention my little success to Amy. She looked at me, not with surprise, but with bemused disbelief.

"You moved a teaspoon?"

I nodded, foolishly very pleased with myself.

She laughed out loud. "You are such an numpty, you know, Aaron?"

I looked at her, confused. She continued chuckling, then beckoned to me.

"Watch this."

And I watched as she hurled a chair in the room below from one end of the room to the other, causing a sleeping cat to leap 2 feet from the ground in hair-raised panic. She looked at me triumphantly, then softened, touching my arm.

"It'll come. I've been here longer than you, I guess. Just keep on practising."

Then she wandered off giggling and singing to herself, "I'm a little teaspoon, short and stout..."