Prelude 75

Elsbeth had never needed to work, preferring to look after the children. Tom had not minded and they were comfortable enough on his salary, but now that he was gone she felt the need to do something. The opportunity came soon enough in the form of an advert on the church notice board - a shop supervisor at the local Christian Aid charity shop. She applied and was frankly surprised to get called in for an interview. Elsbeth was bemused at how years as a housewife and mother had dented her confidence. The interviewer was a terrifying woman called Mrs Annamarie Jones who's severe demeanour was only surpassed by that of her grey suit. She was the area manager but looked more suited to running a Dickensian poor home than Christian charity shops. It took all of Elsbeth's courage to keep her from running from the room, but stay she did, and the job was hers.