Day 20 (Revised)

I heard someone on the radio saying that it was completely illogical to believe in God. I didn't understand that. Why is it illogical? Sure there are some odd things about God like predestination and freewill that seem contradictory, but if there is a God and he is all the things they say about him (or her or them), then surely we're not going to understand everything? Does my world disappear into a puff of illogic because I can't explain where we come from, or why I have morals, or why I even think I exist?  

 Where is Joe when you need him? I wonder if he is in heaven or if he believed in the wrong God?  I would have thought that is a more serious logical objection to the existence of a Supreme Being. If it matters to him or her what we do on earth then it is only just that we have an equal (or fair) chance of reaching him or her. That means equal opportunity, and it's clear to me that someone born in the heart of the Bible belt has more opportunity than someone born in Iran - assuming of course that Christianity is right, or vice versa if it isn't. They can't both be right, and all roads lead to God theories are just a load of hopeful, illogical tosh.

Maybe I should start a religion? Church of The Irredeemably Sensible. Nah, wouldn't work – I'm too ugly. Nobody follows an ugly person. I need charisma, or even better charismata.

 Harry has just looked at me with those condescending cat's eyes of his so I guess its time to turn out the light.  He doesn't mind how I look as long as I feed him. We have an uncomplicated relationship.