Day 1 (Revised)

Woke up with a splitting headache this morning - too much red wine again - plus the neighbours were at it again so I didn't sleep a wink! I mean, if they're not killing each other then they are destroying the bed springs and my beauty sleep. Last night it was a bit of both. I think he came home drunk and by the sounds of it slapped her around a bit. I heard some thuds. things crashing and quite a bit of screaming. Then at last it settled down, except that just as I started to drift off the squeaking and moaning started! For goodness sake!  I'm just jealous really - I hate being single and on the dole, living in a crummy one bedroom flat with an obscured view of the canal. I've got nobody, nothing.

 There I go again, dark thoughts. I should be grateful to even have a place at all. Those poor bastards under the bridge are lucky if they even wake up in the morning. If it's not the cold, its the guy who fancied your shoes. I was lucky to find this place. I heard from someone at the soup kitchen that there was a squatting opportunity, a room with a view as it were. Funny guy. 

 I should do something useful today. The dishes need doing, but then they did last week too so that could wait I suppose. Maybe I'll visit Joe – I haven't seen him in ages. We could play cards if he's well enough. That cough has been getting worse but he won't go to the hospital, old fool. "Death trap", says he.  Can't say I blame him. Why, just the other day there was an item in the news about some poor bod who caught some nasty bug in hospital and died. I think he was in there to have an ingrown toenail seen to! Just thinking about it makes me shiver. He should go though. I'll have to talk to him again.

 Really miss the girls today. I know its my own stupid fault since I walked out on them and Fiona, but it was all too much: working long hours, Fiona nagging me about everything and seemingly never satisfied. Then of course there was the drink - I never could handle it, but I have no self-discipline and it was an easy escape from the nightmare. I wonder how they are. Does Jojo have a boy friend yet? She's such a tom-boy, always was, and I can't imagine her being interested in that sort of thing unless the bloke is into forest ranging or something; and there's not a lot of that around here! Liesel on the other hand never had any problems in that department - what a beauty she is. Reminds me a lot of Fiona when we were younger; dark and fiery.  Its not that Jojo is not beautiful, because she is, but she hides it very well under a cloak of, well, pseudo masculinity I suppose.

 There's that cat again, mewing at the window. I wonder how it gets up this high? It must have fled from the neighbours. It isn't much to look at, and I'm not sure what breed it is; I would describe it as Shabby Tabby and it is certainly the scrawniest beast I ever saw. I think I'll give it some milk, poor thing.

God, my head hurts.