Prelude 68

“Its people like her that give you Christians a bad rap.”
“Oh she's not so bad,” protested Elsbeth.
“Oh yes she is,” insisted Aaron vehemently. “I was ready to give her a smack at the end of the interview. It felt like she would only welcome me in if I fitted her exact criteria. Not exactly welcoming, and certainly overkill for a little charity shop.”
Elsbeth didn't comment, so Aaron continued.
“Church is just like that. Frosty, dusty exteriors, impossible rules, locked gates, unfriendly, suspicious locals that wonder what evil you bring to their precious club.”
Elsbeth raised fiery eyes, and said, “My church isn't like that.”
Aaron paused and smiled. “Your church is certainly a lot better, and there are some pretty decent people there, people who really seem to care about God and humanity, but the elements are there. Its human nature for people to gather into like-minded groups, and to regard with suspicion those outside. Church is no different.”
“Jesus was different.”
“He certainly was, but that was a long time ago, and humanity has had much time to reinterpret his essence for its convenience.”
“Aaron, be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater.”
“I won't, baby.” Aaron smirked.

He got a poke for that comment.