Prelude 67

They hurried on to the the train, managing to find 4 seats together amidst the grey commuting hordes. Liesel and Jojo could scarcely contain their glee – a trip to London, on the train!

Aaron smiled at Fiona who returned a weary smile. Getting the kids ready for this excursion had taken a lot out of her. It was alright for Aaron – he just collected his maps, planned the excursion and then hurried everyone along, not thinking perhaps to make himself useful.

Jojo chattered excitedly, pointing out everything she saw. Liesel just sat quietly staring out the window.

“Jojo, I spy something with my little eye that begins with 'B'”, said Aaron.

“Sound it out for her, Aaron,” said Fiona.

“Buh, Jojo.”

Jojo looked around, missing the obvious 'book' that lay on Aaron's lap.

“Snake!” she offered hopefully.

“No, snake begins with 'suh'. Look for something that begins with 'Buh'” replied Aaron patiently, then to help her along, continued, “Boo, boo, boo...”

Suddenly a ray of delight flashed over Jojo's face and she shouted at the top of her voice, “Booby!”

Fiona went bright red amidst a carriage full of grown-up chuckles while Aaron laughed heartily and gave Jojo a squeeze.