Prelude 9

Fiona watched Aaron and the girls as they built the snowman. Aaron was more like his old self and she was glad she had insisted on this holiday in Scotland - he needed the break.

The front door suddenly opened. "Muuuuum, we need a carrot! Do we have any?"

Fiona smiled and got a carrot from the fridge. She also dug out a scarf and hat which she knew would come next. Aaron didn't think about such things, he just saw the snow and like a little boy ran outside. They had gone sledging yesterday and Aaron had stayed out long into the afternoon, hurtling downhill at breakneck speed, ramping over the road onto the next hill. She didn't like snow, too cold, but loved to curl up in front of a roaring fire with a novel and welcome her family home with a good meal. The domestic idyll appealed to her romantic nature, whereas she found day to day mothering a bit of a chore if she was honest. She couldn't wait to finish her marketing course and get a job. The girls were very self-sufficient now so didn't need her that much any more. As for Aaron, well he was never at home, either physically or otherwise.