Prelude 57

“Joe, I'm going to propose to Fiona.”

“I'm happy for you, Aaron,” Joe replied.

“You don't look it.”

Joe didn't reply.

“Come on, spit it out.” Aaron insisted.

After a long pause, Joe replied, “Aaron, you know I like Fiona. She's a beautiful, fun girl, but I just don't know.”

“You don't know what?” Aaron could not hide the irritation in his voice. Joe was the only person he'd told and he was not expecting this.

“It seems to me that you and Fiona want different things from life.”

Aaron replied, “Look, Joe. We love each other and that's the only thing that matters. The rest will sort itself out.”

Joe looked at his smitten friend and saw that there was no sense in pursuing the issue. They were quiet for a few minutes, then he smiled and raised his glass in a toast.

“Here's to the two of you. I wish you long life, happiness and many children.”

Aaron smiled back. “That's better. You're going to be my best man, right?"

"I'd be honoured."