Prelude 50

Saturday morning and Aaron got up early as always. He couldn't see how people managed to sleep late two days of the week when they rose at the crack of dawn the other days.

Everyone else was sleeping so he quietly busied himself in the kitchen. They hadn't had pancakes in ages - it used to be a regular Saturday thing but lately he hadn't had the energy. Today however it was different. The sun was shining and he felt good about the world for a change.

He prepared the pancake batter, dug out the sugar, cinnamon, lemon and maple syrup for toppings.

The kitchen door opened and a sleepy Jojo entered, rubbing her eyes. "Hi, Dad."

"Hello my love," said Aaron, giving her a big cuddle. "Sleep well?"


"Want a pancake?"

"Oohh, pancakes? Yes please!" Jojo's eyes lit up with excitement, all thoughts of sleep gone.

She loved her daddy's pancakes.