Prelude 48

“Why not?” he insisted.

The kissing had intensified until his hands had wandered too freely and she pushed him away.

“Because I don't want to,” Liesel said firmly.

He pouted. What was the matter with her? Everyone else was doing it and they'd been going steady for a few weeks, so it was expected. His mates had started asking, forcing him to lie about his conquests. He could see the hungry envy as he spared no details about his supposed times with her.

Liesel was quite a catch. A beautiful, graceful, young woman, full of unspoken sensuality that drove the boys in her class wild with teenage lust. Dave wasn't sure what she saw in him. He could sense she was in a different class, yet she seemed to be drawn to him, so he wasn't complaining.

Liesel looked at the boy sulking besides her. She liked his strong, good looks and wild spirit, but she was not going to give in. Dave was just a stage and she knew it.