Prelude 45

“Don't forget to put out the milk and biscuit.”

Aaron poured half a glass of milk and found a stale biscuit at the bottom of the tin. He took a sip of the milk and ate most of the biscuit, leaving just a few crumbs on a saucer which he placed with the milk next to the fireplace.

Fiona had started to fill the girls' stockings when she found a note from Liesel saying, “Santa, are you real?”

She gave it to Aaron who smiled and retrieved a gold pen from Jojo's art set to pen a florid “Yes” on the note, before returning it to Liesel's stocking.

When all the preparations were done, Aaron poured some wine and together they sat on the couch, enjoying each other's company silently, staring at the fading fire in the hearth.