Prelude 38

Aaron sat in the train observing the young school girl near him. She couldn't have been much more than around 14, very pretty and well spoken, dressed in a smart green blazer, matching tie and grey skirt. She was talking to a young lad her age, and they seemed very into in each other, if the coy smiles were anything to go by. The boy, in complete juxtaposition to her, looked a sight: unkempt hair, shirt hanging out, tie completely wrong, face riddled with ugly red spots. What on earth did she see in him? he wondered.

This could have been Liesel, or even Jojo, though Jojo was never this smart in her appearance – the concept offended her sensibilities. Aaron smiled at the memories of endless argument between Jojo and Fiona as mother tried unsuccessfully to feminise daughter.

The young girl noticed him looking and whispered something to the boy. He sneaked a quick look and the two of them giggled.