Prelude 29

Aaron stared at the computer. How the hell did he start a blog?

Joe said these things were all the rage, web logs rather than old fashioned paper diaries, but the thing was, Aaron knew how to write but didn't have a clue about this.

A pimply teenager sat in the corner behind a desk in the internet cafe, ostensibly in charge of the place but deeply engrossed in some computer game. Aaron called him over and had to to repeat himself loudly before the the lad stopped what he was doing and slouched across the room to where Aaron was sitting.


"I want to start a blog but need some help."


"Never mind that, son. Can you show me how?"

"Dya want WYSIWIG editing or plain text?"


"Uh... well ... ok ... I reckon you want Blogger. Its free and quite easy to use. Start IE."


"Internet Explorer"

"Internet Explorer?"

Aaron got there in the end but not before the spotty youth had contemplated suicide a few times.