Prelude 27

"You what?" shouted Fiona.

"We visited Dad!" Liesel shouted back.

She hadn't meant to tell her mum but she lost her temper. It all started when she wanted to go to the party with Dave. Fiona didn't like Dave, didn't trust him, and she was right not to, but Liesel could handle him. Besides it wasn't her place to lecture Liesel on relationships, was it now?

The argument had escalated until Liesel finally blurted out the secret she knew would hurt her mother.

Fiona stood, stunned. She knew this day would come but she was not ready for it yet.

"How could you? After all he did to us?"

"I don't care!" screamed Liesel. "He's my father!"

"Call that a father? I forbid you to see him again!"

Liesel stood defiantly, glaring at her mother, and spoke through gritted teeth, "I will!"

"As long as you are under my roof you will do as I say!" shouted Fiona.

"That can be fixed!" growled Liesel, storming off.

Fiona heard the front door slam shut and buried her face in her hands.