Prelude 20

The afternoon sun streamed into Joe's living room window warming Joe as he dozed.

Suddenly there was a gentle knock on the door, a woman's knock, Joe thought. He got up, his aching limbs protesting, and answered the door; it was Liesel.

"Hello Liesel, this is a lovely surprise."
"Hi Joe." He no longer was Uncle Joe, just Joe. One of the perks of no longer being a little child.
"Come in. Come in."

Joe ushered Liesel in and offered some tea which she accepted. They sat for a while, exchanging pleasantries, until Liesel stopped and looked out the window.

"What's on your mind, Liesel? You're obviously not here just to visit your old uncle now are you?"

Liesel bowed her head. "No, Joe, its lovely to see you again, but I need you to help me.
"Help you? Of course, anything. What is it?"

"Help me find Dad."

Joe frowned. "Your mum would skin me alive if she found out."

"I don't care. Will you help me?"

Joe could never refuse Liesel.