Prelude 8

"Uncle Joe! Over here!"

The girls were wild with excitement again. Joe was visiting for the weekend and they were playing Piggie-In-The-Middle. Jojo was not very tall and struggled to catch anything when she was in the middle until Joe took pity on her and threw just a tad too low.

"Oi!" said Liesel, "that's not fair."

Joe feigned innocence and winked at Jojo who beamed with delight.

Fiona had fled indoors to some peace and quiet. Aaron sat drinking a beer, watching the antics.

Later he and Joe stood by the fire, talking.

"You have a great family", said Joe.
"I know, the best", Aaron replied.
"Then make sure you take good care of them."
"What do you mean?"
"You know what I mean."
"I don't. Spit it out!" said Aaron with some irritation.
"How many drinks have you had so far today?" asked Joe, "five? six?"

Aaron didn't reply.