Prelude 6

He was late again. He worked late most days and Fiona wondered if it was really necessary. She was glad for the money but he'd changed since his recent promotion and she missed the fun they used to have. It seemed he was never in, and when he was he was tired, irritable and snapped at everyone. The kids had learned to avoid him for the first half hour after he got home.

She missed not having her husband to talk to like they used to. She missed his attentiveness, the fooling around with the kids, the excursions, the occasional dates, their love making. Life was so humdrum and she was too young to be a dull wife.

The only excitement she had was her part-time Marketing course - it appealed to her creative, expansive personality and she found to her delight that she was pretty good at it; top of her class in fact.

The front door opened and Aaron walked in. He smiled weakly at her and headed straight to the fridge to get a beer, the first of a few.