Prelude 2

"Aaron, grab the line!"

Aaron dived after the rapidly disappearing fishing line, missing and hitting his head on the boat's edge. He watched in dismay as the line and their first big fish of the day got away. The tears welled up and so did the bump on his forehead.

His father looked at him and smiled "You'll be alright, lad. Every fisherman needs a big one that got away story, and you will get at least an hour of sympathy from your mother tonight!"

Aaron looked at his father, tall, lean and weather beaten. The sun had been out most of the day, keeping the wind down, and they had drifted lazily on the water for hours while the fish made up their minds. The long silences were punctuated with the occasional manly grunt and observation about the fish. Now and then they would talk about important things, but today they just shared the space as father and son. These times with his dad meant the world to him, and today had been almost perfect.

His father was right. Mum did make an awful fuss.