Prelude 1

“Daddy, Daddy look!”

Jojo was up the tree again, higher than ever before. Aaron smiled at the little fearless, defiant, joyful bundle.

Fiona fretted. “She'll hurt herself.”
“She'll be fine.”
“You always say that.”
“Yes, dear.”

It was a gorgeous sunny afternoon and they were sitting in the garden, about to start grilling the fish that had been lovingly marinated. Aaron liked to start the fire early and watch it while sipping a beer or two, sometimes for hours on end, staring into the flickering flames, pondering life or just thinking nothing.

Fiona lay on the sun lounger reading some best-seller. He looked at her, his desire stirring – she was a stunning woman, even after two children. She looked at back at him and fluttered her eyelids coyly. He smiled.