Day 87

Still coughing a lot and unable to start my new job, but as it was a fine day I ventured out briefly to stroll along the canal. I feel like I'm on the home straight, just waiting, and I hate it. I've always been a fighter, wrestling with life, sometimes stumbling, but always getting up.

Seeing my two girls makes me think that perhaps I didn't do too badly. After all what else is there to do but to propagate the species and make sure your shoots are not social misfits. I rest in the knowledge that two fine human beings will replace me.

Granted, Liesel's choice of Tony The Accountant still mystifies me, but after all the upheaval I put them through its understandable I suppose that she went with the safe option. And he is that.

Elsbeth popped in after work and we ate a meal together which she made - Steak and Kidney Pie - very tasty indeed. She has not pushed the topic of religion me, put I think she felt she owed me some revenge after my "do not worry" coup the other day. It went roughly along these lines:

E: Are you ready to meet your Maker?
A: I'm not sure there is a Maker.
E: What if you're wrong?
A: Insurance is no reason to believe.
E: Its not but it is a reason to take the issue seriously.
A: I know, but I just don't believe.
E: What don't you believe?
A: The Jesus is God.
E: Do you believe in Jesus?
A: Of course, that's difficult to deny.
E: Do you believe in the miraculous?
A: No, that's just primitive superstition.
E: Do you think my healing was natural?
A: Not sure.
E: You're evading the issue.
A: Want some more wine?

Damn she's good.