Day 81

Rain, rain, rain. Not a great day for an interview.

Yes, an interview at the charity shop! I was astounded when Elsbeth told me yesterday. She said it would be an informal chat with the manager but even so.

So I groomed myself like never before and looked mighty fine considering. Elsbeth smirked as I walked into the shop before she introduced me to Mrs Annamarie Jones.

After pleasantries, the Mrs Amazon Jones launched straight in.

"So why do you want to work here Aaron? May I call you Aaron?"
(You just did, twice)
"I need something to do..."
(Is that good or bad? Perhaps I should have made something up?)

"What do you feel are your strengths?"
(Staying alive?)
"I was an engineer by trade but can do most things."
(There she does it again!)

"Are you a Christian?"
"Well, er, you see, I'm not sure. I've got a Bible. Er, I suppose I'm Agnostic"
"Agnostic? Hmm"
(Does she think I'll spoil the d├ęcor?)

And so on until I was a blithering wreck. After about 40 gruelling minutes:

"Well, Aaron. Elsbeth speaks very highly of you so we can give a 2 week trial. You do realise its a voluntary position?"
(No really?)
"Yes I do. Thank you so much."
(Stuck up bitch)

I think there is a very real danger I might kill this woman before my trial period is over.

Elsbeth beamed at me as I left the shop and everything was better.