Day 78

Rain, rain, rain, and when it wanted a bit of variety it decided not to bother and rained some more.

I forgot my laptop.

The boat motor wouldn't start despite our best efforts.

All in all a bit of a disaster. Life rarely turns out as planned so why should I be surprised? Change is the only certainty.

On the bright side Elsbeth and I had a wonderful time together - this was a good test of our young relationship, being holed up together with very little to occupy ourselves. We chatted, played board games (Andrew is a bit of a collector), and cooked a couple meals together.

The weather eased up a bit yesterday and there was time to visit my parents' grave before returning. Cemeteries are not the cheeriest of places, particularly when the skies are dismal, but I was glad to find that the grave site had been tended to. I left some flowers and stood a while, saying good-bye. It felt a bit odd because in a sense it ought to have been "see you soon".

I had wonderful parents. I've already sung my mother's praises but Dad, when he was able, loved doing things with me, his one and only son. One of my favourite memories is spending a morning with him, making a miniature raft, fully kitted with rudder, sail and family crest. We launched it that evening, as the sun set, his arm around me, strong and quiet. Mum brought her men hot chocolate and a biscuit to celebrate.

I'd love to see them again.

P.S. The couch proved to be very comfy.