Day 75

Packing today for my trip with Elsbeth tomorrow to Stokesby in Norfolk, my home. Andrew has graciously let us use his cottage and boat for a few days.

I'm a little worried about the sleeping arrangements.  There is no question that Elsbeth and I will share a bed so hopefully the couch is comfy.  Its not that I don't want to, but its not time, and anyway Elsbeth would not before marriage.  Marriage?  If only...

I don't have much to pack: some warm clothes and Dave's laptop which goes everywhere with me these days.  We leave early in the morning from Liverpool Street station.

Harry will be alright for a few days - I'll leave him a large bowl of dry cat food.

I have not looked forward to anything like this for many, many years.  I'm like my daughters used to be on Christmas eve.  How we battled to get them to bed, excited little bundles that they were.

I remember one Christmas finding a note in Liesel's stocking: "Santa, are you real?"  I found some gold paint and answered in the affirmative.  These days you could get locked up for child abuse for filling children's heads with such "nonsense".  Very sad.