Day 73

Feeling quite good today - the coughing has eased up – so I thought I'd take a stroll along the canal.

Its been very cold here in London, everything covered with a deep frost, but 3 weeks too late for a white Christmas. The canal was frozen over, forcing smaller boats and floating objects to the top where they lay ungainly and alone on the the ice.

I didn't walk far but passed the park where I first saw Elsbeth. It was too cold for any children but I saw another old timer sitting on a bench so I said hello. He looked at me blankly, muttered something about a bucket he had lost, and then got up and hurried off. A few sandwiches short of a picnic, I guess.

It was good to get back to the warm flat; even Harry hasn't ventured out much its so cold.

I phoned an old family friend in Norfolk who has a cottage and a boat for hire. He's going to let me use them for a couple of days. It was good to catch up, not spoken to him in years. I might see if Elsbeth fancies coming along.