Day 72

Today was the day for list item No. 1.

I called Elsbeth and invited her to dinner. This was before I thought about what exactly I was going to cook! Spag Bol is a fine dish, don't get me wrong, but unless you're in a Disney film involving cute doggies, its looking for trouble. So I decided to play it safe and make Lasagne and salad; I'm a fairly dab hand in the kitchen.

I headed to the shops full of purpose and the joy of life only to collapse at the checkout in a coughing fit. Everyone was so nice about it, and the paramedics were summoned, but I recovered, and even got a lift home in an ambulance.

I managed to prepare the meal, get a candle lit, and opened a bottle of red to breathe. Elsbeth will take a little of the old nectar now and then so I thought it would be nice. She arrived looking stunning. I know I've described her as Mother Theresa but this apparition at my door was nothing like that. She was wearing a simple black dress and pearl necklace, not dissimilar to Audrey Hepburn I thought.

It was a lovely evening but try as I may I could not find the courage to tell her I loved her, until she was leaving the flat that is, when in a mad manic I grabbed her hand and told her.

She looked at me, smiled gently, pecked me on the cheek and said “I wondered what was up with you this evening. I love you too, Silly.”

That picture is going with me, somehow. Its mine forever.