Day 69

I'll be out of hospital tomorrow.  The coughing has subsided a little with the help the new medication and bizarrely there is not much pain, given the extent of the cancer.  Dave and Jojo visited but I was not up to company.  My thoughts are spinning - I am stunned by the suddenness of it all.

So what now?

Will my days be any different now that I know I am going to die soon?  We're all going to die, so why does its proximity matter?

I saw a film once of some woman who thought she was going to die within months, cashed in her life's savings with a view to taking that dream holiday she always wanted, only to discover she missed her normal life. As it happened her terminal diagnosis proved to be incorrect so they all lived happily ever after.

No such luck here.  I have no savings and the diagnosis is fairly conclusive - I've seen the x-rays myself. 

I'm not even sure if I had the money that I would want to go on a trip.

It'll be nice to see Harry tomorrow, and maybe Elsbeth is she's up to visiting.