Day 67

I am in hospital. Dave has lent me his laptop and internet dongle so I sit here in bed, old timer, all wired up to machines and drips, and to the internet - an incongruous image if ever there was one.

I am not well. They won't tell me how bad. "Running tests" is the phrase I hear alot. Everyone looks grim. Elsbeth phoned to say hello - she's not up to visiting just yet. Dave has spent a good few hours here, along with Jojo and Liesel. Dave said he's taking care of Harry. I am really touched by this goodness of a relative stranger.

Its quiet here in this room. I spend most of my day coughing violently - its sapped all my strength. I stare out the window, the bleak wintry trees covered with frost, or is it snow? The sky is grey. I am so tired.

And afraid.