Day 65

Still feeling very crap today and spent most of it speaking Phlegmish. My lungs hurt like hell.

Elsbeth called today to say hello and was quite concerned when she heard how I sounded, bless her. I told her I was fine and she needn't worry, man that I am. She is mostly recovered and able to walk around and tend to her beloved plants. I do believe she talks to them when I'm not there. I wonder what sort of plant I would be if I weren't a grumpy old sod? Cactus. Definitely!

Then later on there was a knock on the door. Dave!? Elsbeth had rung him, and even though I'm not one of his flock he came around to say hello and see if I needed anything. I told him I was fine, but don't think I was very convincing. He made me some soup since I hadn't eaten all day. Nice chap that.

Its been bitterly cold here in London, some say -10C, which I doubt frankly, but I've been very snug in my new home, with Harry curled up at my feet.

What's that strange sensation, Aaron? I think its gratitude.