Day 63

Sunday, and since Elsbeth was going to be surrounded by church folk I decided to stay away and take a lengthy walk along the canal instead.

The skies were clear and the air bitingly cold so the pathway was deserted - perfect weather for a good ponder.

I wondered about my gloom of the other day and the entry "another pointless year".  The gloom passed fairly quickly, being I suppose mostly an emotional response to the anti climax after the turbulent events of recent weeks, but the thought remains: what is the point to 2009 or indeed life in general?

If there is no afterlife, no creator with a big master plan for us, and we indeed are just a chance event, then there is no point to life - life just is. We exist, but equally we could not exist, and it wouldn't matter to anybody. 

But it does matter, to us at least.  So why do we care?  Its a puzzler.

I wonder if Harry thinks about these things?

P.S.  Jojo has just phoned.  Her mountain man friend has just asked her to marry him and she has accepted. She is over the moon, as am I!  Fiona will not approve as I'm sure this chap does not have a 6 figure salary - all the more reason to rejoice!  But I'm being wicked now...  :)