My interview

Well I never. I didn't realise there were so many people reading my ramblings. Some Damn Expat has sent me something called a Meme.

Basically I have to answer these interview questions she sent me, and then if anyone posts a comment here saying "Interview Me" then I get to email them some interview questions of my own which they have to answer on their blog. And so on...

My questions from That Damn Expat:

1. I have been your follower for only a few days. Tell me about yourself in five sentences or less.

Name's Aaron and I was born and bred in Norfolk, England, 64 years ago. I am a retired engineer, ex-husband, father of two gorgeous girls (now women) who still love me. Alchol and excessive work ruined my life and I now live in a squat in North London near a canal, but am moving very soon to a council flat. I recently lost my best friend Joe to TB, but met a dear Christian woman called Elsbeth who occupies many of my thoughts. I mostly keep to myself but have recently been adopted by a fat, conceited Ginger Tabby cat called Harry, who just yesterday bought home a new lodger (or was it lunch?), a Robin whom I have dubbed Emily.

2. You call yourself an „old fart". What wisdom do you have to impart on us youngsters?

Carpe Diem (seize the day). Follow your dreams and make the most of every day. The secret to happiness is caring about others, not things.

3. Name the best thing you got to see/live through.

The birth of my two daughters. People go on about how scared they are of babies and the responsibilities they bring, but nothing in life that is worth getting comes easy. There is nothing in this world like a child falling asleep in your arms. Complete love and trust in a fun little bundle.

4. Name the worst thing you got to see/live through.

Divorce. Marriage is a beautiful thing - individuals becoming one through their love and commitment. Its not always easy, and it takes willpower as much as heart, but its worth it. The death of a marriage is one of the saddest things in life.

5. If you could live your life again, would you do anything differently? Explain.

I would have focused less on my career and things, and more on people. At the end of the day you take nothing with you, and all that remains are the hearts you have touched.