Day 58

Elsbeth is seriously ill in the county hospital with double pneumonia.

It all happened in a bit of a blur. I visited her this morning, saw how she was and immediately called the emergency services who whisked her off to hospital. Elsbeth asked me to call Dave, her church pastor, who came straight away.

We sat in the waiting room for what seemed like ages while the hospital staff attended to Elsbeth. They didn't really want to let me see her, but "Reverend" Dave got us in. My heart almost broke when I saw her, frail, wizened little thing in a sea of white, tubes everywhere, just like Joe. Not again!

Dave asked me if I would pray with him. I felt really uncomfortable. Not only do I not really believe in God or the efficacy of prayer, but prayer feels to me like something you do in private and not with someone you've just met. However I relented in the end and Dave prayed, not just for Esbeth's healing, but also for her to be at peace and for God's will to be done.

I don't get that prayer. On the one hand Dave is asking for stuff, yet he's saying do as you like, God. I don't want God to do as he likes. Look what happened to Joe. I want Elsbeth to get better!

Let's face it, looking at this crappy, miserably world we live in, would you surmise a loving Purpose behind it all?

I don't think so.

Mind you I felt the same way when my dad beat my backside for burning down the shed. He claimed he loved me and it was for my own good, but it hurt like hell nonetheless.