Day 55

I phoned Jojo today to ask how the Christmas Day festivities went at Fiona's. Jojo seems to have had a good time. The food was catered for since Fiona is too proud of her kitchen to soil it with cooking. Liesel and Tony The Accountant were there too.

Fiona has done well for herself. Not surprising, since self is what she does well. Miaaaow. Anyway, top job in marketing, immaculate place in Chelsea, two Westies, still no husband (can't say I blame her) and looking very good for her age. Its sad that we weren't able to keep it together, but my work, the drink, our differences in age and values were too much and it all collapsed rather badly.

I asked her if they played Spoons. Jojo laughed - they only played sophisticated board games. "Bored games?" I asked. "Daaaad!" was the cross reply.

I have always had a special spot for Jojo. Don't get me wrong, I love both girls immensely, but Liesel reminds me a little of her mother, whereas Jojo is this wild, free spirit that I can identify with better. I wonder how she is getting on with her new man.