Day 54

Boxing day, and the streets outside my new flat are heaving with cars, and believe it or not... SHOPPERS?!

Yes, shoppers hunting for sales or returning unwanted gifts. What a sad state of affairs.

When I was a youngster we kids used to spend boxing day with my grandparents in Norfolk. My grandad had a little boat with which we used to spend hours in the bitter cold navigating the Broads, returning late afternoon to freshly baked bread and turkey left overs.

There was no talk of returning unwanted gifts, or spending money on things we wanted rather than needed. It was about family and being together and cherishing what little we had.

But as today was so lovely, not a cloud in the sky, I decided to venture out despite the pagan hordes, with a sandwich in my pocket, and take a walk along the canal.

I was pleased to find that there were many other like-minded strollers out enjoying the day: couples with pushchairs and rosy-cheeked little cherubs, old couples walking quietly arm in arm, and old timers such as I. Everybody was in a fine mood and nodded Happy Christmas as we passed.

I almost forgot this morning's rant. Almost.