Day 53

Christmas day began with a hangover. I had not had anything to drink since Joe's death, but last night's feast was too good to pass up, so I overindulged and regretted it this morning.

So when Elsbeth made a surprise appearance this morning I was not in the best of shape, but bless her she took that in her stride and asked me if I wanted to join her for Christmas lunch. I honestly did not feel like eating anything ever again, but as you know I have trouble refusing her.

Lunch, however turned out not to be quite what I expected. It was at her church, in a hall full of tables with all sorts of people, being served and entertained by the church youngsters, and all for free. It was very touching. I wondered if these youngsters and people like Elsbeth didn't have anything better to do with their time.

But then is there anything better to do on Christmas day than to shine a little light into the lives of those who ordinarily have very little to smile about? I think not.