Day 52

Christmas Eve with Jojo, Liesel and Tony the Accountant. I bet you'll never guess what we had to eat...


Yes, meat on skewers, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, baguette, salads, dips, and lots of wine. A bit bizarre, and too yuppie for my liking, but very fine nonetheless. Liesel's home is immaculate - I'm guessing she gets a cleaner in - leather sofas, chrome trimmings, fine art on the walls (original prints only), silver candlesticks, Italian tiles.

They need children to sort them out. One projectile puke on the Armani pullover and your world changes forever! Heh-heh.

After the fondue we played silly games, my two favourites being Pass The Pigs, and Spoons.

Spoons is worth explaining as its hilarious fun. Basically you sit around a table, with spoons placed in the middle, one less spoon than there are people. A deck of cards is then taken and cards removed so that there is only one set per person. So for four people you would only keep the A, K, Q and J in all suits. These are then shuffled and dealt so that each person ends up with 4 cards. Then on a regular beat, everyone passes a card left, saying "pass". The first person to get all cards in a set then grabs a spoon and everyone follows. The person to fail to get a spoon loses a point. This carries on until someone has lost six times (S, P, O, O, N, S).

Be warned, it gets violent. :)

Well Merry Christmas to all. I hope you got to spend it with someone you love.