Day 51

Fool, fool, fool...

I decided to do a big food shop to stock up my empty cupboards, completely forgetting that for the rest of the world its time for last minute Christmas food shopping!! What an idiot. Sainsbury's was heaving with people. I tried to get in an out quickly with a basket but it rapidly got too heavy so I had to find a trolley. That's when the real troubles began. Busy aisles, muppets going the wrong way, people browsing rather than using shopping lists, and to make things worse they had decided to move everything around since I last went (which granted was 5 years ago.) I was in there for over an hour! One's Christmas spirit wears thin after a while, and some tense exchanges were had.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I have been invited to Liesel's place along with Jojo. Fiona won't be there, thankfully - she has the Christmas Day slot. I thought about asking Elsbeth along but she does her own thing with the church, and anyway, she's not family (yet).