Day 50

Move day, and to my horror, Elsbeth, Jojo and Liesel arrived at the same time at my front door. I was dumbstruck, but fortunately Elsbeth took charge and introduced herself to the girls. Jojo gave me a sly wink while Liesel just raised an eyebrow in that oh so condescending manner of hers. I felt very small indeed.

Then there was Harry. He was snoozing on my bed when I lay the box on its side and placed the freshly opened can of tuna inside. He was over in an instant but not inclined initially to go into the box. We waited anxiously while he sniffed around the edges mewing. Eventually he ventured in and quick as a flash - I didn't know I could still move that fast - I turned the box back onto its base and closed the lid. Harry kicked up an almighty fuss and I thought he was going to tear the box to shreds, but he eventually calmed down to an ominous growl.

We carried the boxes to Liesel's car and drove to my new home just a few blocks away. I was glad to see the back of that hovel and move somewhere legally mine (in terms of living rights at least).

Jojo had brought a bottle of champagne and some salmon sandwiches with which we toasted in my new place. Elsbeth and the girls got on famously, but most of the giggling seemed to be at my expense. Oh well.

Harry seems at last to have forgiven me. I think the dish of cream helped smooth the way. I'll keep him indoors for a little while to let him get used to living here.

My new bed is very comfortable and its been a long day so I bid you good night.