Day 49

Went to the internet caffè as usual this morning to type up my diary post. The place was empty as always - not many people awake at 9.10am on a Sunday morning - apart from a young man hunched over his keyboard. He didn't look up when I entered. I cast a quick glance at his screen and saw that he was on!

It was quite a surreal moment. I wonder how many of us bloggers pass each other on the street daily without realising that we are in fact best of internet friends? Of course I was too timid to find out if we knew each other and got on with my stuff instead. This is Britain after all.

It has been a slightly sad day - Emily finally regained her strength and with a final cheeky look my way fluttered off into the wild blue yonder. I decided that I was going to have a go at capturing Harry tomorrow and obtained a can of wet cat food and a very sturdy box with a lid. Hopefully he'll turn up tonight.

Eva Cassidy's "Fields of Gold" is on the radio at the moment. What a gorgeous love song. Speaking of which, Elsbeth offered to help me move tomorrow. Unfortunately so have Jojo and Liesel, so its crunch time. My girls are going to have a field day with this little bit of juicy gossip. Sigh.