Day 48

Council called today and said I can move on Monday. The place is a one room apartment in a small block, and is very sparsely furnished but perfect for my needs as I only have one or two boxes of possessions - the rest was left by the previous occupant of this hovel who left in quite a hurry.

However I also have Harry and now Emma. Emma should hopefully be well enough by the end of this weekend so that she'll be able to fly away, but Harry is a different matter altogether. He's become a much more regular visitor so I might venture to say that he considers this his home. I'd like to take him with me, but that's going to be tricky. I don't have a cat box, or a pliable cat. I thought about luring him into a cardboard box with some food and then closing it quickly. That could work but he'd never forgive me and I'm not sure the box would survive the trip.

I can see this is going to keep me awake all night.

Emma on the other hand is very cute. I left the shoe box on the table next to the open window, hoping to lure her out, but she just hopped on to the edge of the box and looked at me briefly before returning to her little bed which I made from cotton wool. She repeated this game of peekaboo a good few times.

She's sleeping at the moment. A fine plan indeed.