Day 47

Met Elsbeth this morning at the charity chop and helped out again. I noticed that she put me to work at the back again, sorting out donations, rather than "front office" where my dour expression would scare away all but the most hardened punters. She was only working in the morning so she asked me back to her place.

Just for lunch mind you. At my age, assuming the old fella still even works, I'm not sure the ticker would be up to any more strenuous activity, if you get my drift.

Elsbeth's place is just around the corner from where I'll be moving to next week, a charming little flat with flowery decor and doilies everywhere. Elsbeth, like many women of a certain age, is into knitting and crocheting, and uses any excuse to doily. Yes, even the loo had one of those little woollen figurines sitting astride of a spare loo roll. All of that is a bit too finicky for me - I just do crotchety.

We chatted over a lovely cup of tea and sandwiches. Just so you know, I hate tea. I traveled a fair bit with my work and acquired a taste for fine coffee. Tea is just nasty, and as for herb tea, well - tastes like something the dog peed on. So why didn't I say anything? Dunno, something about accepting a gift because of the spirit it is given in, rather than rejecting it and the giver. I'm sure she wouldn't have been offended, but it seemed discourteous to do so.

I stayed there for ages, but Elsbeth didn't seem to mind. She is a lovely lady whom its a privilege to be around. I wonder what she sees in me?

Emily (my injured Robin, aka Harry's attempted lunch) is doing much better and is calmer around me. I gave her some more ancient bird seed which she seems to like. I had another go at setting her free but she's not having any of that. Robins are beautiful little creatures, bright orange chests and face, tiny beak and fat little bodies. Harry has disappeared again so Emily is safe for now, but its something to watch.

Well its been a splendid day and life is good for a change.