Day 46

I think its time for a little rant. I've not been my usual cantankerous self of late and frankly I miss it.

Christmas irritates me immensely. What I mean is, for the church-going folk its a time to celebrate Christ's birth, joy to the world and all that, which is fine, but for the rest of us its either a time when we remember we have some token faith and rush off to Carol services to feel good about ourselves, or its a time of absolute excess and partying, more like the pagan festival Christmas replaced. In both cases its nothing to do with the true spirit of the occasion which is reminding us to be kind to each other and to care for those who have nothing.

I partly blame the retailers who already start stocking Christmas things in October, just as we have barely recovered from Halloween, that other irritating festival!! That's one good thing about this recession: less rampant materialism as people tighten their belts.

There, I feel much better.

My little Robin has recovered in its shoe box but doesn't seem inclined to fly away. I located some very old bird seed in the cupboard (don't ask) and gave it some to eat. The poor thing cowered shivering in the corner, but after I closed the box again I could hear scrabbling and chomping.

Harry is very bothered by the Robin whom I have dubbed Emily. I suppose for him it must be like living next to a fine steakhouse. Poor chap.

I've not been out for a few days – feeling a bit under the weather with cough and cold. I miss Elsbeth. I'll try to get out tomorrow and see her.