Day 39

Today I decided it was time for a grand clear out in preparation for my move in a few weeks. I managed 2 boxes full of stuff, including 2 swollen cans of fish from the back of the cupboard, various tattered clothing items, newspapers, magazines, broken crockery and my prized bedside lamp which has not worked in months and was mauled last week by Harry in a fit of distemper.

I'm not a particularly sentimental chap but I kept various bits of memorabilia: a photo of the girls, a poem Jojo wrote for me when she was 8, Liesel's drawing of our now long dead pet dog Hoover, a copy of "Pilgrim's Progress" given to me by Joe for my birthday, and a picture of Fiona and me on honeymoon in Paris. Happier times all round.

Mind you, since Elsbeth and Harry arrived on the scene its been pretty ok. I think I'll try and see Elsbeth tomorrow.