Day 38

Jojo popped in today for a cup of coffee. She looked completely transformed! Dress, makeup, little handbag. No hiking boots, jeans or ponytail. A beautiful young woman replaced the scruffy tomboy I've known all my life.

I, being the subtle fellow that I am, asked her straight out what was going on. She actually blushed! Heh-heh. Turns out she has found love, just when we'd all given up on her. His name is David - they met through the hiking club. From her descriptions of him he must be a fine fellow indeed, towering hulk of a man with big sensitive hands and gentle eyes, knowledgeable about all things, and funny too! I didn't realise such men actually existed.

I jest, but I'm very happy for her. Jojo was always a little envious of Liesel who has had boys chasing her most of her life, finally settling down with Tony the accountant. Tony, bless him, is a devoted husband, but dull as dishwater. You know what they say about accountants? What does an accountant use for contraceptive? His personality. :) They seem happy together but there are still no grandchildren for me to dote on. I've been meaning to ask Liesel about this but somethings are better left alone.

So Jojo has met this fellow and has been transformed into a glowing beauty. I hope he doesn't hurt her.

I didn't tell Jojo about Elsbeth. Not sure why. I suppose I'm embarassed at being so in love at my age.

Harry made another guest appearance. My new worry is what to do about him when I move. Getting him into a cat cage, assuming I even had one, is not going to happen if he has anything to do with it. Harry is not exactly feral but is fiercely independent nonetheless. Sadly I think I'll have to say goodbye to him.